Fossasia Projects Simply Rock

This year Fossasia has put up awesome projects on Google Code In website..It not only encourages the practice developers but intends to train them too for instance:

Git: Learn how to create a fork of FOSSASIA repositories

is one of its projects..Other projects are simple and the language stated by the mentors can be well understood by any person..Moreover these projects help to boosts the confidence of a participant of Google Code In to work on..This is also one of the reasons why i chose to work with Fossasia..The mentors respond to any queries instantly and also help us a lot in any task whatsoever..

Fossasia does not only encourages developers but also to inculcate scientific knowlodge among students students..The following task rightly proves my statement:

Publiclab: Build a Paper Spectrometre using a CD and sturdy paper

Very few organisations have such a beautiful approach and so i am completely motivated to complete Fossasia Projects for a developer with engineering skills is the actual programmer..

Another advantage of Fossasia projects is that it gives a lot of time to complete the projects.. Mentors are also very helpful if the limit is insufficient for a student..However the time limit stated is more than enough to complete the task

Fosssasia also enables different developers to code in different programming languages.. For instance i code in Java,c++, there does exist projects which can be completed in these languages.

Henceforth i chose to complete tasks by fossasia and would encouge others to do the same

To take up take by Fossaia log on to:



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