About Loyola School,Jsr

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Loyola School,Jamshedpur is situated in the heart of the city of Jamshedpur..Founded in 1945 by Jesuit Fathers from United States and run by Jesuit Fathers currently, it is the top ranking school in Jamshedpur,and fifteenth in India..Its principal is Father Sebastian Puthenpura SJ and been guiding us since 2013..This institution has the record of producing students who amazed the world..Abhinav Kumar,Percy Singanporia,Mohommed Nafees are a few to name.. Loyola believes in its enlightenment of soul not through just books but also through daily life experiences.. The auditorium of Loyola School is the largest auditorium of the state..It also houses one of the biggest libraries of the state.

School Website: http://www.loyola.edu.in


Working on Another Fossasia Project

Fossasia projects as i mentioned in my earlier blogs simply rock.. Currently i am working on a project by Fossasia students have to contribute for the website of GCI created by Fossaisa exclusively for Google Code In. Which showcases the mentos, students involved in Google Code In through Fossasia. To visit this website logon to:


In the task (being a student) i have to add my details in the student section through fossasia github page.. Only those students are recommended to take up this task who are familiar with github. The point to nate is that 7 days have been assigned to this task

Fossasia Projects Simply Rock

This year Fossasia has put up awesome projects on Google Code In website..It not only encourages the practice developers but intends to train them too for instance:

Git: Learn how to create a fork of FOSSASIA repositories

is one of its projects..Other projects are simple and the language stated by the mentors can be well understood by any person..Moreover these projects help to boosts the confidence of a participant of Google Code In to work on..This is also one of the reasons why i chose to work with Fossasia..The mentors respond to any queries instantly and also help us a lot in any task whatsoever..

Fossasia does not only encourages developers but also to inculcate scientific knowlodge among students students..The following task rightly proves my statement:

Publiclab: Build a Paper Spectrometre using a CD and sturdy paper

Very few organisations have such a beautiful approach and so i am completely motivated to complete Fossasia Projects for a developer with engineering skills is the actual programmer..

Another advantage of Fossasia projects is that it gives a lot of time to complete the projects.. Mentors are also very helpful if the limit is insufficient for a student..However the time limit stated is more than enough to complete the task

Fosssasia also enables different developers to code in different programming languages.. For instance i code in Java,c++, there does exist projects which can be completed in these languages.

Henceforth i chose to complete tasks by fossasia and would encouge others to do the same

To take up take by Fossaia log on to:





FOSSASIA is a non-profit organization supporting developers and makers of Free and Open Source technologies. It was founded in 2009 by Hong Phuc Dang and Mario Behling. The aim of FOSSASIA is to develop and adapt open technologies for social change with a focus on Asian users. The FOSSASIA Summit takes place annually one month after the Lunar New Year. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA offers resources to various open-source projects and organizes an annual Open Technology Summit for students, developers and start ups. To visit th

This year Fossasia is closely associated with Google Code In..Having worked with Fossasia last year in GCI, I look forward to work this year too..Fossasia has got a brilliant team of developers who instantly respond to any queries and are always there to help..I would suggest anyone who would like to participate in GCI would begin his projects by first completing projects of Fosssia.. To Know more log on to:


and to link with Google Code in log on to:http://gci16.fossasia.org


Google Code In

Google Code-in is an annual programming competition hosted by Google Inc. that allows pre-university students to complete tasks specified by various, partnering open source organizations. The contest was originally the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, but in 2010, the format was modified into its current state. Students that complete tasks win certificates and T-shirts. Each organization also selects two grand prize award winners who will earn a trip to Google’s Headquarters located in Mountain View, California

I have been working in this contest and have succesfully completed tasks from OpenMrs, Fossasia and Wikimedia..Google Code In enables coders to show their talents..It also helps students who aspire to become developers in future,it is indeed a great help

Google Code In contest started this year from November 28,2016 and is open until January 26,2017..The url for Google Code In is : https://codein.withgoogle.com/